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Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing
aid, virtually invisible from the outside.

In my Audiology practice, I specialize in providing the best, most technically advanced digital hearing instruments on the market at best prices.

High-Tech Hearing Aid Overview

Digital hearing aids are custom programmed using a computer with special software. The information in an audiogram is entered into the computer, and the hearing aids are then adjusted by computer to give the best possible hearing improvement. Digital hearing aids can be reprogrammed or fine-tuned at any time by me at no extra charge.

Your choice of hearing aids depends on your type of hearing loss, your preferences, and ease of use. A hearing test and try-out are essential for determining which hearing aid is best for you.

Programmable Digital Technology

  • The most advanced level of technology available.
  • Automatic adjustment to changing sound levels.
  • Automatic adjustment for telephone use.
  • Superior sound quality for effortless listening in most environments.
  • Adjustability by the user with optional wireless remote control unit.
  • Digital sound processing from microphone to speaker for each ear
  • Wireless connection between both hearing aids for best sound pickup.
  • Improved feedback system to maximize hearing and minimize whistling.
  • Advanced fitting flexibility
  • Wireless remote controls and other accessories available for television and telephone use.

Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) may be the greatest technology ever put inside a hearing aid instrument. ISP offers superior digital performance for clear sound, yet the hearing aids are miniaturized and hidden to others.

Hearing aids available:

Michele Wilson, Ph.D., dispenses and services hearing aids from the manufacturers of leading hearing aid technology, as listed below. Click on the links for information by company.

Audiology Hearing Aids Speech Pathology
Certified Member of American-Speech-Hearing Association

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