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Ear plugs will protect your hearing from irreparable long-term hearing damage in loud environments, such as concerts, airplanes, and work sites. In less noisy yet distracting environments, ear plugs will improve your concentration or improve your rest by blocking out annoying background noises. Ear plugs are also commonly by swimmers to prevent water from entering the ear and causing infections. Today's ear plugs are small, lightweight, and affordable.

Standard ear plugs are economical and provide ear protection, but may not be comfortable for long-term use. Standard ear plugs available for purchase in our office include:

  • Ultrafit EAR Earplugs NRR21

  • ER 20XS High-Fidelity Earplugs by Etymotic Research

  • ETY High-Fidelity Plugs by Etymotic Research

  • And more...

ER 20XS high-fidelity earplugs with case. Used for safe music listening.

NRR21 solid earplugs with case. Used for noise reduction.

Custom-fitted ear plugs provide greater comfort and ear greater protection.

Custom-molded ear buds are growing in popularity for use with hands-free headsets, music players, and cell phones. The products are manufactured in two styles, one with the earbud recessed in the face of the earpiece, and the second where the earbud fits into a flexible cup attached to the face of the earpiece.

Custom-molded ear pieces require a silicone ear impression made in my office, and fabrication of the final ear piece in an off-site custom ear mold laboratory. Turn-around time is typically one week. If you are considering the purchase of custom-fit noise reduction ear plugs or ear buds, call my office for more information and to schedule an appointment for a custom ear fitting.

Custom-fitted ear plugs which require an office visit include:

Example of custom molded
cell phone ear plugs
Example of custom molded
musicians' ear plugs

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