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Two styles of hearing aids: completely in the ear canal (left),
and behind the ear (right).


  Hearing Aid Repair Services

Hearing aids are delicate electronic devices, which can break down with use. Damage can be caused by contact with body oils and ear wax.

Michele Wilson accepts hearing aids for repair for most makes and models, regardless of where these have been purchased. While some hearing aids can be fixed on site, many have to be sent back to their manufacturer to be brought back up to the performance when the unit was new. Typical turnaround time is four days. Faster two-day service is available for an additional charge.

When the repaired hearing aid is returned, Michele Wilson will reprogram it for optimal hearing. This service is included in the price of the repair.

  Hearing Aid Tune-up and Reprogramming

Hearing aids should be cleaned, checked and reprogrammed as needed, typically every six months. In addition to changes in the electronics, hearing levels may deteriorate over time. Making even small programming changes can result can result in significantly improved speech perception.

Programmable digital hearing aids are custom programmed using a computer with special software. The audiogram data is entered into the computer, and the hearing aids are then adjusted by computer to give the best possible hearing improvement.

If the hearing aid has been purchased from Michele Wilson, return office visits and hearing aid adjustments are at no charge. If the hearing aid has been purchased elsewhere, a service charge will apply.

Audiology Hearing Aids Speech Pathology
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