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Questions and Answers about Hearing Loss

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There are specific solutions to hearing loss: diagnosis, properly fitted hearing aids when needed, and improving listening and communication skills. 

What are typical signs of a Hearing Loss?
  • Difficulty with conversations, especially in noisy places.
  • Turning the volume of the TV too loud for others.
  • Feeling isolated.

What is the first step in treatment of a hearing problem?

  • A comprehensive hearing evaluation by a certified audiologist.

If there is a permanent hearing loss, what can be-done to help?

  • A properly fitted hearing aid can amplify weak and distorted sounds to improve hearing ability.
  • A hearing aid may fit in the ear, or, behind the ear. 
  • The best hearing aids are digitally programmable units, which are individually adjusted for optimum speech understanding.

Why go to an audiologist for hearing aids?

  • An audiologist has graduate university degrees and national certification.
  • Uses advanced, computerized measurement procedures.
  • Dispenses the majority of hearing aids.
  • Is dedicated to overcoming hearing loss through education and follow-up care.

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