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Why Use a Certified Audiologist?

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Why a certified audiologist
Hearing Loss
Understanding hearing loss
Dangers of hearing loss
Hearing evaluation
Hearing Aids
Hearing aid technologies
Hearing aid tune-up & repair
Realistic expectations
Ear Plugs & Ear Buds
Protective ear plugs
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Living with Hearing Loss
Better listening & speaking
Communication strategies
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Speech Pathology
Speech, language & voice
Head trauma recovery
Stroke recovery
Myofunctional disorder
Other neurological disorders
Why should someone be evaluated by a Certified Audiologist?
  • A Certified Audiologist holds a doctoral degree from an accredited university with special training in the prevention, identification, assessment and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders.
  • A Certified Audiologist is required to complete a full-time internship and pass a demanding national competency examination. By virtue of their graduate education, professional certification and licensure, audiologists are the most qualified professionals to perform hearing tests, refer patients to medical treatment, and provide hearing rehabilitation services.
What do Audiologists do?
  • Hearing testing. Audiologists use specialized equipment to obtain accurate results about hearing loss. They also inspect the eardrum with an otoscope, perform ear wax removal, conduct diagnostic audiologic tests, and check for medically related hearing problems. Hearing loss is caused by medical problems about 10% of the time. Audiologists are educated to recognize medical problems and refer patients to ear, nose and throat physicians (otolaryngologists). 
  • Hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Most persons with hearing impairment can benefit from the use of hearing aids, and audiologists dispense the majority of hearing aids in the United States. Follow-up care and hearing aid accessories are also provided. Audiologists are also experts with assistive listening equipment and personal alerting devices.
  • Education and training. Audiologists provide education and training so that persons with hearing impairment can benefit from amplification and communication devices.
  • Hearing services and counseling. Audiologists are vitally concerned that every person, regardless of age, benefit from good hearing. Audiologists provide individual counseling to help those with hearing loss function more effectively in social, educational and occupational environments. It is a fact of life that we lose hearing acuity as we grow older, and hearing problems are commonly associated with the elderly. Audiologists are committed to helping senior citizens hear better.
  • Hearing conservation programs. Prolonged exposure to loud noise causes permanent hearing loss. Because audiologists are concerned with the prevention of hearing loss, they hey are often involved in implementing programs to protect the hearing of individuals who are exposed to noisy industrial and recreational situations.

Audiology Hearing Aids Speech Pathology
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